We, at the Association of Employees of Northern Quebec (CSQ}, have been present in the Aboriginal communities of Quebec for 50 years, and more than two thirds of our members are Aboriginals.  The recent discovery of the bodies of 215 First Nations children who were victims of residential schools has deeply saddened us and reminded us of the way Aboriginal nations in Canada have been treated for hundreds ofyears. The AENQ wishes to express its solidarity with all Aboriginal nations in Canada.  lt is high time that our governments made a firm commitment to implement the calls for action and justice, as well as the hundreds of recommendations made by various committees and working groups in recent years. Vou have heard more than enough, the time for action has corne. Also, we cannot help but remind the Quebec government that several collective agreements have been expired for over a year. lt is more than time that the government stopped treating its Aboriginal employees as second-class citizens. A fair settlement is way overdue. Finally, we offer our best wishes to all Aboriginals in Canada for a joyful National lndigenous Peoples Day!

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