Françoise O’ReillyManagement secretary

    Françoise joined the team on June 11, 2018. She has over 30 years of experience as an administrative assistant. More specifically, she has been able to offer her expertise to managers working in the following areas: financial services (National Bank), information technology consulting services (CGI), retail (Reitmans Canada) and sales (XEROX) ). Françoise has 3 passions in life: her twin sister Francine; her pets: 2 beautiful dogs, Titane (Husky-German Shepherd) and Tanqueray (Silver Labrador), as well as 9 adorable cats, Gaufrette, Geppetto, Oréo, Clémentine, Coconut, Guimauve, Muffin, Moka and Pudding; and finally, Karaoke! She is known for her energizing dynamism and her mutual help. If you have a question, do not hesitate to call her or write her an email. There is no doubt that her support will be felt everywhere in the Association!

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