Because of the strike, the Board has decided to close the schools and adult learning centers to their students tomorrow morning but all CSB employees have to show up at work according to their work schedule, except during the strike that takes place from 9:30 to 11AM. They are not allowed to work during the strike but are asked to participate in the demonstration that will take place in their community. AENQ members have to participate in the demonstration if they want to receive the compensation of $65 from the union. Our members on disability that started before the strike will not have their pay cut for the 90-miniute strike. For all other members, if they notice that their pay is cut for more than the 90-minute strike should contact us as soon as possible. We ask the union delegates to send me ASAP pictures and videos of their demonstration so that we can show them during the demonstration that will take place in Quebec City tomorrow morning in front of the Treasury Board offices. In solidarity!
Larry Imbeault,President and Negotiations Coordinator

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