Daniel Charest, QuaqtaqKSB-Teachers sector director

    Daniel took office, as KSB-Teacher Sector Director, on August 18, 2014 after being appointed by the Executive Committee that April. He succeeds Francois Beauchemin, who held the post for more than 10 years. Daniel has held several positions at the Commission scolaire des Laurentides. Until June 2013 he was special-education teacher (1981-1984) before becoming a specialist in visual arts (1988-2013), educator and arts education consultant (1990-1999), President of the Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière Arts table(1995-1999), president of the Quebec Association of Educators and Educators Specializing in Fine Arts (AQÉSAP 2004-2012) and Vice President of the Quebec Interdisciplinary Teaching Council (CPIQ 2009-2013). He has worked at MELS as an evaluator of curriculum and participated in various committees of experts at MELS and MCCCF. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in special education, a certificate and a Masters in Visual Arts. He also finished a 2nd cycle microprogram in Educational Administration (2001) and was Vice-Principal in special education. Daniel has been teaching IPL at Isummasaqviq school in Quaqtaq for 2013-2014 and currently holds a teaching position in Grade 3-4 at the french sector. Union delegate from 2013, he agreed to join the team to contribute to AENQ’s mission.

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