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Important survey on outings

18 October 2018

Hello everyone,


In our collective agreements, provisions entitle you to reimbursement of the costs of three outings for employees with or without dependents, for certain persons recruited more than 50 kilometers from the locality where they work. their functions *.


In recent years, the reimbursement of these exit fees has been included in taxable income. The first two outings are tax exempt, both federal and provincial. In the case of the third outing, the reimbursement of expenses is included in the taxed income, without exemptions. This situation has the consequence that, on the net, the reimbursement of the expenses of these outings is not complete.


In order to be able to act on this problem, we would need statistical data. Therefore, would you please ask all your members hired from more than 50km to answer the online survey that we have prepared by clicking here:




We would need survey answers to be provided by November 2nd at the latest.


Thank you for your collaboration

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