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You will find on this page, the tabs of all the Handbooks of the different sectors and the date of the various updates. So you can download them individually by comparing the date of the update with the date of the latest version you have in your binder.



KSB-TEACHERS-Cover Page (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-Table of Contents (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB A: Initials (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB B: Foreword (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB C: Role of the Delegate (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB D: Annual Timeline (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB E: Representing members (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB F: Elections (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-Union delegate election form (MSWord format)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB G: General Assemblies (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB H: Inquiry Form (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB I: Disciplinary meetings (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB J: Sector Council (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB K: Accuracy of Information (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB L: Coordination and Teamwork (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB M: Union training (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB N: Grievance and Arbitration (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB O: Housing (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB P: Communication procedure (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB Q: Improvement Fund (January 2012)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB R: ByLaws (January 2012)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB S: Decisional bodies (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB T: Conclusion (March 2010)

KSB-TEACHERS-TAB U: Contacts (January 2012)



KSB-SUPPORT-Cover page (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-Table of Contents (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB A: Initials (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB B: Foreword (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB C: Role of the Delegate (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB D: Annual Timeline (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB E: Representing members (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB F: Elections (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-Union delegate election form (MSWord format)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB G: General Assemblies (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB H: Inquiry Form (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB I: Disciplinary meetings (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB J: Sector Council (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB K: Accuracy of Information (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB L: Coordination and Teamwork (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB M: Union training (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB N: Grievance and Arbitration (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB O: Housing (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB P: Communication procedure (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB Q: Improvement Fund (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB R: ByLaws (January 2012)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB S: Decisional bodies (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB T: Conclusion (March 2010)

KSB-SUPPORT-TAB U: Contacts (January 2012)



CSB-TEACHERS-Cover page (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-Table of Contents (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB A: Initials (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB B: Foreword (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB C: Role of the Delegate (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB D: Annual timeline (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB E: Representing members (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB F: Elections (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-Union delegate election form (MSWord format)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB G: General Assemblies (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB H: Inquiry form (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB I: Disciplinary meetings (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB J: Sector council (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB K: Accuracy of information (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB L: Coordination and teamwork (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB M: Union training (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB N: Grievance and Arbitration (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB O: Housing (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB P: Communication procedure (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB Q: Improvement fund (January 2012)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB R: Bylaws (January 2012)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB S: Decisional bodies (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB T: Conclusion (March 2010)

CSB-TEACHERS-TAB U: Contacts (January 2012)




CSB-SUPPORT-Cover page (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-Table of Contents (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB A: Initials (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB B: Foreword (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB C: Role of the Delegate (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB D: Annual timeline (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB E: Representing members (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB F: Elections (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-Union delegate election form (MSWord format)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB G: General Assemblies (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB H: Inquiry form (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB I: Disciplinary meetings (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB J: Sector council (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB K: Accuracy of information (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB L: Coordination and teamwork (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB M: Union training (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB N: Grievance and Arbitration (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB O: Housing (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB P: Communication procedure (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB Q: Improvement fund (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB R: Bylaws (January 2012)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB S: Decisional bodies (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB T: Conclusion (March 2010)

CSB-SUPPORT-TAB U: Contacts (January 2012)



CC-Coverpage (March 2013)

CC-Table of contents (March 2013)

CC-TAB A-Initials (March 2013)

CC-TAB B-Foreword (March 2013)

CC-TAB C-Role of the delegate (March 2013)

CC-TAB D-Annual timeline (March 2013)

CC-TAB E-Representing members (March 2013)

CC-TAB F-Elections of delegates (March 2013)

CC-TAB G-General assemblies (March 2013)

CC-TAB H-Inquiry form (March 2013)

CC-TAB I-Disciplinary meetings (March 2013)

CC-TAB J-Sector councils (March 2013)

CC-TAB K-Accuracy of information (March 2013)

CC-TAB L-Coordination and teamwork (March 2013)

CC-TAB M-Union training (March 2013)

CC-TAB N-Grievances and arbitration (March 2013)

CC-TAB P-Communications procedures (March 2013)

CC-TAB Q-Improvement (March 2013)

CC-TAB R-Bylaws (March 2013)

CC-TAB S-Decisional bodies (March 2013)

CC-TAB T-Conclusion (March 2013)

CC-TAB U-Contacts (March 2013)

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