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Whether it’s the committees provisioned in the different collective agreement or other more general committees, AENQ looks over many committees, which goals are to protect the interests of all its members.


The Board Committee for the teachers and the Labour Relations Committee for the support staff are very important committees. It is during these three annual meetings that the respective representatives of teachers and support staff can express their preoccupations and identify the problems, which occur in the schools and workplaces. It’s also during these meetings that the School Board must consult its employees, by way of their representatives, on all subjects identified as such in the collective agreements.


Specific to Adult Education and to Vocational Training, the Adult Education Consultative Committee meets once a year to discuss preoccupations of teachers from this sector, which are often very different from those of the regular sector. The Cree School Board and the teachers’ representatives having decided to include the discussions from these sectors in the meetings of the Board Committee, only the teachers of the Kativik School Board have a distinct committee.



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