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AENQ’s Executive Committee is composed of 7 members elected during the Association’s Congress taking place every 3 years. It meets frequently to look after current affairs and to establish action plans of which it ensures and controls execution.





Larry Imbeault, Montreal, Support Staff


Larry was named President in April 2015. He had previously been re-elected as Vice-President for the 2013-2016 mandate during the Congress of the Association that was held in Montreal in March 2013. It is his 6th mandate as member of the Executive Committee. He was first elected Sector Director for the KSB Support Staff in 1999 and re-elected at this position in 2001. He was appointed Vice-President in 2003. He was elected Vice-President in 2004 and re-elected at this position in 2007. In September 2007, he stepped-down from this position and was appointed Secretary. However, he was re-elected Vice-President in 2010. Larry was born in Amqui but has roots in Kuujjuaq, where he lived for many years. When he was living there he worked for the Kativik Regional Government, the Corporation of the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq, and Transport Canada as the Assistant Airport Manager. He has been working for KSB at their head office since 1996 but is now on a full-time union leave since November 2013 to work for the Association. He was a negotiator during the last 3 rounds of negotiations: at the S9 table for the negotiations that lead to the 2000-2002 collective agreement, and at the S8 and S9 tables for the negotiations for the 2005-2010 and 2010-2015 collective agreements as well as the present negotiation round. He dreams of participating in the creation of a regional federation within CSQ regrouping Native and non-Native workers from Northern Québec.




Telephone: (514) 356-8888, extension 2800


Email: z77.Imbeault.Larry@lacsq.org



CSB-Teacher Sector Director

Alain Lajoie, Waskaganish, Teacher



Upcoming text

Email: z77.lajoie.alain@lacsq.org




CSB Support Staff Sector Director








Djibril Niang, Teacher, Waswanipi


Djibril has been a high school teacher in French in Waswanipi since 2011. He has been the union delegate in his school since 2012. In 2016, he becomes a member of the board committee and is appointed secretary-treasurer in 2017. 


Telephone: 819-753-2583

Email: z77.niang.djibril@lacsq.org


Tarek Khazen, Waswanipi, Teacher


Tarek was named Vice-President in April 2015. He was previously named Sector Director in October 2006 and was re-elected at the 2007 Congress, in 2010 and again in 2013. He had been teaching Science in Secondary in Waswanipi since 1990. Representing teachers with the CSB for AENQ, he is member of the Board Committee. Being a member of his school council since 1995, he was also union delegate in his school for 10 years and was also substitute for another year.




Telephone: (819) 753-2065


Email: z77.khazen.Tarek@lacsq.org



KSB Support Staff Sector Director

Vincent Renaud, Kuujjuaq


Vincent was named KSB Support Staff Sector Director at the March 2013 Congress. He initially worked over 4 years as a teacher and computer technician in Puvirnituq. During this period, he was in turn substitute delegate and union delegate for teachers. Since 2010, Vincent has been based in Kuujjuaq where he works as a technician with the mandate of providing IT support to all KSB locations in Nunavik. He has maintained his involvement in union matters as union delegate for the support sector. His frequent travels enable him to create links with support staff in various communities and be informed of their concerns. 


Telephone: 1-800-465-0897 Extension 2801

Email: z77.renaud.vincent@lacsq.org




KSB-Teachers sector director

Daniel Charest, Quaqtaq


Daniel took office, as KSB-Teacher Sector Director, on August 18, 2014 after being appointed by the Executive Committee on April 14. He succeeds Francois Beauchemin, who held the post for more than 10 years. Daniel has held several positions at the Commission scolaire des Laurentides. Until June 2013 he was special-education teacher (1981-1984) before becoming a specialist in visual arts (1988-2013), educator and arts education consultant (1990-1999), President of the Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière Arts table(1995-1999), president of the Quebec Association of Educators and Educators Specializing in Fine Arts (AQÉSAP 2004-2012) and Vice President of the Quebec Interdisciplinary Teaching Council (CPIQ 2009-2013). He has worked at MELS as an evaluator of curriculum and participated in various committees of experts at MELS and MCCCF. Daniel holds a bachelor's degree in special education, a certificate and a Masters in Visual Arts. He also finished a 2nd cycle microprogram in Educational Administration (2001) and was Vice-Principal in special education. Daniel has been teaching IPL at Isummasaqviq school in Quaqtaq for 2013-2014 and currently holds a teaching position in Grade 3-4 at the french sector. Union delegate last year, he agreed to join the team to contribute to AENQ's mission. 


Office Telephone: 450-226-6284

Cellular phone: 438-227-9356

Email: z77.charest.daniel@lacsq.org



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