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In order to ensure its good running and services, AENQ benefits from having 4 union advisors and 3 part-time support staff employees.



Union advisors

Emma Dallas

Union Advisor


Emma arrived at AENQ in early January 2007 as a trainee in labour relations. After a year in sociology and after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial relation at the University of Montreal the following Spring, she then joined the ranks of the Association as union advisor.

 Telephone : (514)356-8888, extension 2816

Email : z77.dallas.emma@lacsq.org



Me Zéni Andrade

Union Advisor



Having started in March 2009, Zéni acts as union advisor for the AENQ. Law graduate from Sherbrooke University and member of the Barreau du Québec, he worked in many legal fields but mostly in labour law.


Telephone: (514) 356-8888, extension 2803

Email: z77.andrade.zeni@lacsq.org



Me Eve-Lyne H. Fecteau

Union Advisor

Eve-Lyne H. Fecteau joined AENQ in 2009 as union advisor. Law graduate from Sherbrooke University and member of the Barreau du Québec, her experience in labour law comes from 5 years of practice within a law firm specialized in this field and representing associations of employees from various domains. Prior to that and for her 10 years of law practice, she worked in a firm specialized in native and environmental law where she represented a group of citizens at the Régie de l'énergie and at other administrative and common law tribunals.


Telephone: (514) 356-8888, extension 2818

Email: z77.Fecteau.Eve-Lyne@lacsq.org



Francois Beauchemin

Union Advisor


Francois was Director of the Kativik Teachers sector from 2004 until August 2014 when he was hired by AENQ as Advisor to deal mainly with all negotiations. His union involvement began when he was hired as a teacher in Maths and Science in Kangiqsujuaq in 1998, he immediately got involved to defend the interests of all members by being a member of the school council and alternate delegate and delegate until 2006 where his duties took him to work from the office of Montreal in particular to act as webmaster and develop training tools for delegates. He was a volunteer on the development committee Pingualuit Park in 1998 and 1999 that has now emerged. Since early 2013, he served on KRG's Concertation Table on school perseverance (Esuma). He was also negotiator at the E4 table in 2005-2010, again at the E3 and E4 for the 2010-2015 negotiations and negotiator and spokesperson for the 2015-2020 round at all 4 AENQ tables (E3-E4-S8-S9).


Telephone: 514-356-8888 extension 2807

Email: z77.beauchemin.francois@lacsq.org





Michelle Théberge

Union advisor


Arriving in March 2019, Michelle currently acts as a union advisor at the AENQ. A law graduate from Université Laval and a member of the Barreau du Québec since 2009, she worked in a private firm specializing in labor law and in various unionized environments before being hired by the AENQ.


Telephone: (514) 356-8888, extension 2818

Email: z77.theberge.michelle@lacsq.org

Support staff employees

Monique Nepveu

Administrative Agent

Monique has been with us since 2003. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (B.A.A.) from HEC. She is primarily responsible for the Association's accounting, but also for current budgetary affairs, new members and membership management, management of certain documents of the Executive as well as accounts and invoices. Fall is an especially busy time since union training sessions are taking place during this time, and documents, refunds and invoicing are required. It is also during this period of the year that the audit of the AENQ is carried out. Several files are also added as the year goes on (enrollment declaration, CNESST, etc.). During the Congress, Monique acts as secretary.


Telephone : (514)356-8888, extension 2884

Email : z77.nepveu.monique@lacsq.org



Nicole Sauvé

Office Agent principal class

***Presently on leave*** 


Nicole has been with us since August 2013. She works three days a week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She is the one who reserves your airline flight and your hotel if you come to Montreal or in the North for union training. She sees the demands of union leaves and makes the multiple shipments in AENQ-served northern communities. Nicole holds a university certificate in business administration and has many years of experience as an administrative assistant in a private company.


Telephone: 514-356-8888 extension 2814

Email: z77.sauve.nicole@csq.qc.net




Françoise O'Reilly

Management secretary


Françoise is our new recruit at the Association. She joined the team on June 11, 2018 replacing Linda Lépine who retired. She has over 30 years of experience as an administrative assistant. More specifically, she has been able to offer her expertise to managers working in the following areas: financial services (National Bank), information technology consulting services (CGI), retail (Reitmans Canada) and sales (XEROX) ).


Françoise has 3 passions in life:


-Her twin sister Francine;

-Her pets: 2 beautiful dogs, Kayla (Bernese Mountain Dog) and Titane (German Shepherd), as well as 4 adorable cats, Wafer, Gepetto, Oréo and Clémentine;

-And finally, Karaoke!


She is known for her energizing dynamism and her mutual help. If you have a question, do not hesitate to call her or write her an email. There is no doubt that her support will be felt everywhere in the Association!


Telephone: (514) 356-8888, extension 2801

Email: z77.oreilly.francoise@lacsq.org



Claude Dumont

Office agent-Principal class


Telephone: 514-356-8888 extension 2814

Email: z77.dumont.claude@lacsq.org



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